BD High Flow Max Manifold

The first mod made to our 2004 Duramax was a manifold. Essentially GMC/Chevrolet designed the exhaust manifold (one side only) with a serious restriction. You could see that they intended to route some mechanical part close to the manifold but in the actual shipping version of the vehicle there is no reason for this restriction.

All engines need to breathe both in and out, any restriction will have an impact on engine power output. Within the diesel platform, this balanced flow of exhaust should also reduce  engine gas temperature (EGT), this is a good thing.

The following images show the simple change.

[pe2-image src=”” href=”″ caption=”” type=”image” alt=”Manifold_Duramax_Compare.jpg” ]


An accident waiting to happen.

What started out as a regular little weekend getaway turned out to be a little adventure.

We made record time getting on the road, groceries and supplies were ready, hooked up the truck and we were off. Lets take the Massey tunnel I said, i’ll use the HOV lane to really save time I said.

Enter the tunnel, and stop! News reports a crash, then they report a bus / car head on collision. Then they report a two hour wait. Uhm we are in the tunnel.

The good news is that nobody was seriously hurt. Bumps and bruises and possibly the driver of the car has a new broken hip. Hopefully all will recover just fine.

After about an hour or possibly longer, we are advised that if we can, we are allowed to back out of the tunnel. I’m certain one day there will be video of this crazed camper on the news, until then, know that you can back 55′ of truck & trailer through the Massey tunnel and down the wrong way of Highway 99. Yep, we did that!

[pe2-image src=”” href=”″ caption=”Just turn that thing around” type=”image” alt=”Just flip it around.JPG” ] Sometimes turning around looks easier than it really is.


[pe2-image src=”” href=”″ caption=”People walking through the tunnel” type=”image” alt=”People in the Tube.JPG” ]  People walking in the tunnel, you don’t see that everyday.

Investigating this little blue ball.