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A history of American trailer parks

Unfortunately there is no credit given for this documentary. Interesting as this doc describes how trailer parks came to be and how folks were treated / consider back in the 20′ / 30’s.

Suburbs On Wheels: A History of American Trailer Parks


It is the little things that make your day.

Whiffle Golf? Really? You really need to try this out, so much fun and a complete riot.

The folks at Whistler RV Park even thought about the little things when they put together the course.


 They really did think of everything. Most trees have built in beverage holders. Have not even seen these at the big 19-hole courses.

[pe2-image src=”” href=”″ caption=”” type=”image” alt=”20140818_125715_Richtone(HDR).jpg” ]

[pe2-image src=”” href=”″ caption=”” type=”image” alt=”20140818_125443_Richtone(HDR).jpg” ]

 Holes are themed and really creative, each a really cool surprise.

[pe2-image src=”” href=”″ caption=”” type=”image” alt=”20140818_130505.jpg” ]

 Thinking this is just a simple walk with a few golf swings? Good luck, this course will make you bend’em around trees and shoot uphill. This is not childs play ya’know.

[pe2-image src=”” href=”″ caption=”” type=”image” alt=”20140818_125932_Richtone(HDR).jpg” ]

 Elevated holes, tree hazards, meh, this is the real deal! Some of the tee-box are elevated and wobbly, now that is how you add challenge, don’t forget to factor the built in tree holders, they come into play when using the elevated tee.

[pe2-image src=”” href=”″ caption=”” type=”image” alt=”20140818_124749.jpg” ]

 Stonehenge or Dragon-Teeth? Don’t know, but I’m calling this a hole-in one!

If you get a chance, come play some wiffle golf, according to the staff at Whistler RV “It’s a great way to waste thirty minutes”, we agree.



One Mile Lake

A short 1.5km hike from Nairn Falls Provincial Campground. Although we have yet to do the hike as carrying the canoe seemed like it would be challenging in the hot weather. We drove and parked in the very limited parking lot. The lake itself is not very big and does not allow for a motorized boat which is perfect for a short canoe paddle or to try paddle boarding. Edges of the lake have groups of lily pads and flowers which make for some nice pictures. They have a small shop that rents paddle boards which we would like to try one day.

[pe2-image src=”” href=”″ caption=”Canoe on One Mile Lake” type=”image” alt=”OneMileCanoe.jpg” ]


The little park and beach are very nice, perfect for an afternoon lazing and swimming. The lake is almost surrounded by a unique board walk, perfect for strolling or to carry a floating bed to the far side of the lake and drift back to the beach. Definitely a lake worth spending more time at during the warm months.

Day 1 through 3 – Nairn Falls

Arrived and left with no issues, finally. We seem to have a knack for running into issues when we leave to go camping; incredible amounts of traffic, accidents in the tunnel, bridges or highways. But this time we sailed through without delay.

Popped in to see Claire, Stu & Daniel, had a really nice lunch and catch-up. Daniel showed us his new bike and riding skills. Definitely going to be ‘the local’ in future races. Good luck guys, I see a future not in skates, sticks and training camps but bikes, new bikes, repairs and race weekends, enjoy!

Nairn Falls Provincial Park once again impresses. Our site is pristine and nicely spaced from the other camp sites. Special kudos to the people that run this site, they really keep it in good shape. I think most BC Provincial Campgrounds are well kept, save for a few around Vancouver that are overrun with people.  It appears the constant cool breeze from the river has some impact on the number of mosquitoes.  We spent most of the evening playing crib, I lost two straight and the third double or nothing, did not see a single mo’.

[pe2-image src=”” href=”″ caption=”” type=”image” alt=”20140804_192331.jpg” ]


We spent most of the day exploring around Pemberton, paddling on One Mile Lake and went for a short hike to Joffre Lakes. We may not actually be getting this slow-down-its-vacation thing.

P.S. Got some news that Mom and George may be buying a Class A bus, this is exciting as we will be able to spend more time with them camping, burning meat and other grape type adventures.

Two more sleeps

[pe2-image src=”” href=”″ caption=”One Mile Lake” type=”image” alt=”One Mile Lake.jpg” ]

Its pretty much time to go. We are leaving Monday morning and heading to Squamish to meet some friends; Claire, Stuart and Daniel, been some time since we have met up and the timing finally worked out. We are excited to see their new home, even though they have been in it for a few years already, it’s still new for us.

The trailer is pretty much good to go, groceries are loaded, loads of clothing stashed away, clean water tanks full and the yucky tanks are empty, seems to be an ample amount of malted beverage and grape nectar for the first leg.

From Squamish it will be a quick Drive to Nairn Falls where we will dry camping for three nights. Hoping the canopy of the big trees gives us some shade and trailer is not too hot at night as will not have any air conditioning. I know, first world problems…

Hoping to hang low at Nairn and get a few nice hikes under our belt. The first is a short walk up to the falls which I did earlier this season with Ashley, Nevin and Mr. Mr. (aka Jesse). The hike is easy with almost no elevation change and taking about an hour round trip, but the view is amazing. Check out random pics of the falls here.

The second hike we would like to take is One Mile Lake. It’s a short hike from the camp site and listed as one of the five lakes to visit when in Pemberton, maybe we can get the canoe in the lake as well.  Lots of nice pictures here.

This should keep us busy for a few days.

Activities out and about Whistler

There is so much to do in Whistler, not only in the village but out and around. Informed about Whistler and Garibaldi Hiking Trails and Maps from the great folks at Whistler RV Park.

The interesting part of this web site is that they have taken some time to break out each adventure by mode of travel; hiking, walking, snow-shoe, flying and additionally by how difficult, length etc.

If you don’t frequent Whistler often then the section titled Plans is a great place to look. It includes trips that are best for the time of year that you visit. This could be a great time saver if you just want to get out and do something.

[pe2-image src=”” href=”″ caption=”Brandy Wine Falls” type=”image” alt=”BrandyWineFalls.jpg” ]