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Packing the fridge for travel


One of the challenges faced when moving an RV is how to keep stuff from moving when the RV bounces down the road.

We have used extra towels to pack between the dishes, which works pretty well at keeping the glass items from rattling and breaking. Also have used the little $5 blankets from IKEA shoved into drawers to stop items, chairs and other things from having too much movement.

The one remaining item that blankets and towels do not make much sense is the refrigerator. When heading out for a trip it is not much of a problem since we almost always over pack the food. But when the weekend / trip is over and its time to pack up again, it seems that the fridge needs some extra attention. We have used fruit, empty Tupper-ware and extra beer cans (full) to fill the gap. Essentially trying to stop items in the fridge from bouncing around and damaging the inside.

Tripped across Suction Bungee while browsing the Pinterest Happy Camper & RV – Inside Storage & Tips. It’s a set of bungee cords with suction cups. Seems like a reasonable way to hold things tight while traveling and would be convenient since they can be shoved in a drawer when not in use.

[pe2-image src=”” href=”″ caption=”Suction Cup Bungees” type=”image” alt=”SuctionCupBungees.JPG” ]

May be worth trying one day, not 100% certain that it will hold up to the rigors of RV travel but for a few bucks it may be worth trying.


Hard to start air conditioners

Trying to prepare for dry-camping and wanting use the A/C as required. Seems that unless you are willing to spend a significant amount of money on a large generator, and an equally huge amount of weight, you may not be able to run an A/C with a lower end generator.

Most RV A/C units are 13,500 BTU but the unit in our trailer is a 15,000 BTU. BTU in this case really refers to how much cooling is produced, the bigger the number the more capacity for cooling an of course, the more power generally required to start and run the A/C.

Earlier we purchased a generator to provide power while we dry camped. Essentially I never wanted to get caught with a dead battery and no way to drag the slides in. Our trailer has one slide that you can hand crank but the other slide requires the motors to be manually disconnected, pushed in by hand (it weighs more than 500lbs), and then the motors must be reconnected so the slide does not fall out while driving. We found the generator is just not big enough to run the A/C, but knew there were people actually doing so. So rather than looking to buy a bigger generator or just give up on dry camping we went looking for alternative methods.

Found this informative article on using a capacitor to start your unit with a smaller generator. Installing a Air Conditioner Hard Start Capacitor.

For the all in cost of $20-30 and the promise of being able to install this myself I ordered the SPP6E from Amazon.

Fingers crossed we will be dry camping and running an A/C if required. I’m certain there will be more posts to follow on this topic.

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