Jazz works at a year-round school (goes 12 months) versus the other cycle having the whole summer off. Her schedule overlaps the other systems schedules but allows for taking a vacation during the non-peak times. There was some question as to whether she would be back to work; cut-backs, less children etc so we needed some confirmation from the school itself. After confirmation, we had fewer than four months to get organized.

Planning started as a Hawaii discussion, renting a VW bus and boondocking on beaches for three weeks. We reflected on how nice the islands were during our previous vacation and that things could be really simplified as it was just the two of us, that’s right, no kids. Getting fresh food each day and moving every 2-3 days to a new beach or location would be fun. Conversations then morphed from Hawaii to Indian destinations and but research on various areas and the weather had us doubting India for the time being. Hot is good for us, however, enough heat to cook your food was probably a little more than we could handle. Hawaii and India slipped from the conversation if only to rest on the shelf of another time.

We have friends in Canada who have friends in England who have a place in Spain. A simple email to the friends of friends with a place in Spain came back with the house up for sale soon and not available for the dates we needed. I am sworn to ensure they get lite beer, American, on their next visit to Canada. We are going to Spain!

I perceived Spain to be the European equivalent of Mexico for North America. More on this in a later post, it’s okay to speak as one with absolute ignorance, for a short time.

So our trip was born. Due to flight costs, we decided to start in Paris France then move onto Spain.

Off we go!


Jake has also been a travel’n, check out his blog.


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