Frozen pipes, flooding and ‘now’ famous chili.

This past weekend, marked by the US Thanksgiving, Black Friday consumer craziness was the first time we experienced prolonged freezing temps.

The border coming to the US was not busy; actually, it may have been less than normal. Greycup being hosted in Vancouver have an impact? Maybe our Canadian retailers have been successful at beating their American counterparts even with a 10% difference in the dollar. Dare we say that NAFTA is now working? Hmm probably not.

We stayed again at fidalgo bay, as we normally do through the winter. This time however the temps dropped below freezing for a few days. Not a problem, our heaters worked well and we were very comfy. No big walk though, too cold. Had to make a desperation buy on Saturday morning for a water hose heater. Less than an hour in the cold and 30 or so zap straps, voila, we have running water again. I may actually think about having two hoses, one winter and one for the summer. The hoses are cheap enough.

The winds were so strong and during high tide the Fidalgo RV park flooded in the lower area. The staff at the park did an awesome job getting peoples rigs moved and other activities to reduce the damage. We heard later that there was no damage to the club house. Nice to hear nothing serious.

Best of all, we had an awesome time with my mom and Georg, and I think they had a great time as well. Can’t beat cold weather, fireplaces and family, especially when Jazz makes her ‘now’ famous chili.