Many paths but only one journey.

So the best laid plans sometimes need a little adjustment. We had intended to stay at Juniper Beach Provincial Park and then off to Marble Canyon Provincial Park. Both sites are highly sought after for hiking, photos and unique location.

Passed by Marble Canyon on our way to Juniper Beach and determined the sites were too small for our trailer, not to mention that we have pretty much determined without much discussion that ‘unique’ does not mean barren, to us.

Arrived at Juniper Beach to find all sites were taken, we also determined this place was not our flavour of ‘unique’. So we headed to Kamloops, thankfully a quick web search and phone call netted a local RV Park that had space. Did you know Kamloops is the tournament capital of something? Did you know that Kamloops has (give or take) twelve million trains passing through the town centre every, uhm, eleven seconds (give or take)?

Spent the afternoon, getting a haircut and groceries.


[pe2-image src=”” href=”″ caption=”” type=”image” alt=”20140808_115642.jpg” ]

We now have plans to spend a few days in Birkenhead Provincial Park where I hear there are better hair cuts, less trains and it’s not very unique.


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