One Mile Lake

A short 1.5km hike from Nairn Falls Provincial Campground. Although we have yet to do the hike as carrying the canoe seemed like it would be challenging in the hot weather. We drove and parked in the very limited parking lot. The lake itself is not very big and does not allow for a motorized boat which is perfect for a short canoe paddle or to try paddle boarding. Edges of the lake have groups of lily pads and flowers which make for some nice pictures. They have a small shop that rents paddle boards which we would like to try one day.

[pe2-image src=”” href=”″ caption=”Canoe on One Mile Lake” type=”image” alt=”OneMileCanoe.jpg” ]


The little park and beach are very nice, perfect for an afternoon lazing and swimming. The lake is almost surrounded by a unique board walk, perfect for strolling or to carry a floating bed to the far side of the lake and drift back to the beach. Definitely a lake worth spending more time at during the warm months.


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