Two more sleeps

[pe2-image src=”” href=”″ caption=”One Mile Lake” type=”image” alt=”One Mile Lake.jpg” ]

Its pretty much time to go. We are leaving Monday morning and heading to Squamish to meet some friends; Claire, Stuart and Daniel, been some time since we have met up and the timing finally worked out. We are excited to see their new home, even though they have been in it for a few years already, it’s still new for us.

The trailer is pretty much good to go, groceries are loaded, loads of clothing stashed away, clean water tanks full and the yucky tanks are empty, seems to be an ample amount of malted beverage and grape nectar for the first leg.

From Squamish it will be a quick Drive to Nairn Falls where we will dry camping for three nights. Hoping the canopy of the big trees gives us some shade and trailer is not too hot at night as will not have any air conditioning. I know, first world problems…

Hoping to hang low at Nairn and get a few nice hikes under our belt. The first is a short walk up to the falls which I did earlier this season with Ashley, Nevin and Mr. Mr. (aka Jesse). The hike is easy with almost no elevation change and taking about an hour round trip, but the view is amazing. Check out random pics of the falls here.

The second hike we would like to take is One Mile Lake. It’s a short hike from the camp site and listed as one of the five lakes to visit when in Pemberton, maybe we can get the canoe in the lake as well.  Lots of nice pictures here.

This should keep us busy for a few days.


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