Paris, cosmopolitan delight

Jazz managed all the travel planning; air fares, travel dates and other factors making sense to the gods of air travel were key influencers that solidified a few days in France prior to Spain. Jazz had not been to France, but of course, I had been, recently, like 35 years ago so loads of it was fresh still. Paris was clear when considering price and the fact that we were both void of great red wine, cheese, bread. European beer was another decision, really far off, maybe secondary. Of course, the methods in which a French Brasserie can prepare pork. Oui, we were going to France.

This trip was going to be simple. Jazz had the awesome idea of using AirBnB for much of our trip, spoiler alert, we used AirBnB for each of our bookings and we could not be happier with that decision. Getting away from the typical high expense of a hotel made sense and the potential to pick locations in each city within neighborhoods was exciting to us both.

Our trip from Vancouver to Toronto was uneventful but we were bothered by two facts; airports are ridiculously expensive and we hate pretentious people, or at least those that try to be. Toronto to Paris was good, movies and fine airline cuisine were the highlights, Jazz was able to sleep a fair amount, and I did not manage any sleep.

Day one in Paris was nice, we arrived early and used a taxi from the airport to our BnB. In retrospect, we should have taken public transit. The bus system in Paris is simply amazing and very easy to navigate. A taxi cost 50 Euro and the Metro about 20, that’s a six beer savings! We had not bothered with a cellular plan since we assumed wifi would be plentiful in Paris, our assumption uncovered a challenge contacting the BnB. Wifi is extremely popular, just not as available as we had assumed. The taxi dropped us in front of the AirBnB owners house.

A secure front door with four buttons on a panel, no labels, we were temporarily stumped. Amazingly the owners came to their front door as if through some kind of magic or osmosis, not bad as we soon to learn they lived on the third floor. A warm welcome and person by person trip to the third floor in an insanely small elevator, this is where the magic of our trip started.

The BnB owners were amazing. Since we arrived in Paris early, the BnB was still occupied and we had no place for our bags, they offered to keep our bags in their house while we toured the city. Our new friends referred to what we drink as “American dirty water”, a couple real cups of coffee later, some great conversation and play time with their children, we were on our own in the streets of Paris. They provided maps of places to see, additional direction to use the Metro and personally took me to purchase two-day passes. Such genuine and helpful people, we are really thankful to have met. If you ever travel through Paris, we highly recommend their place in Charmont.

We were on our own in Paris. A quick walk to Eiffel Tower then a walk & Metro to Notre Dame, we were exhausted. I was 30+ hours of no sleep and while Jazz had some, she was ready to rest. Our hosts met us at the BnB and had already transferred our luggage inside. We had first experiences of France and potentially essences of Europe;

  • Strangers are outwardly happy and respectful of one another. Not that everyone is doing high-fives in the street but they do not use any reason to snear, make negative comments or just be untoward when walking in front of each other on the street. Pedestrians, bikes, and cars seem to simply coexist.
  • As compared to back home, stuff is really old. We became aware of how (un)important ‘new’ was to us in North America through homes and other infrastructure. We also came to the realisation of how we are North Americans are fairly wasteful consumers, reuse is not generally how we work. How many would prefer to build a new home than re-do an existing? In my opinion, we should feel good that in many cities we do a good job recycling, but there is definitely room for us to improve.
  • Public transit works well when there is great way-finding and the right population density. Two non-French speaking Canadians were able to get all over Paris with no issues at all, for a very reasonable price. This fact alone provided more positive vibe for the work I do each day.
  • People here seem to make time for enjoying life. Its obvious that they work and take pride in appearance through clothing but they seem to put an equal effort into making time for talking with friends and family. Cafés are on every street corner, restaurants serving great food are fairly priced, we enjoyed many of both.

Our BnB was small and simple but had all things required to stay in the city, toilet, shower, a clean bed, couch, simple kitchen and a wonderful window that could be opened wide to let us watch the city. While we stayed in our room we could hear the city below, people walking in their leather heeled shoes set a rhythm for the time of day, a little faster in the morning and slowing as the day progressed.

With only two days in Paris, we did a few typical things, visited old stuff, walked more than we have walked in a long time and simply enjoyed slowing down.

Traveling to together within Europe was the goal and so far we are really enjoying ourselves, meeting the boys was an unintended bonus. I had two items on my hitlist that I would like to experience.

Next stop, a train ride to Barcelona where we would meet Jake and his awesome friend Daniel.



Jazz works at a year-round school (goes 12 months) versus the other cycle having the whole summer off. Her schedule overlaps the other systems schedules but allows for taking a vacation during the non-peak times. There was some question as to whether she would be back to work; cut-backs, less children etc so we needed some confirmation from the school itself. After confirmation, we had fewer than four months to get organized.

Planning started as a Hawaii discussion, renting a VW bus and boondocking on beaches for three weeks. We reflected on how nice the islands were during our previous vacation and that things could be really simplified as it was just the two of us, that’s right, no kids. Getting fresh food each day and moving every 2-3 days to a new beach or location would be fun. Conversations then morphed from Hawaii to Indian destinations and but research on various areas and the weather had us doubting India for the time being. Hot is good for us, however, enough heat to cook your food was probably a little more than we could handle. Hawaii and India slipped from the conversation if only to rest on the shelf of another time.

We have friends in Canada who have friends in England who have a place in Spain. A simple email to the friends of friends with a place in Spain came back with the house up for sale soon and not available for the dates we needed. I am sworn to ensure they get lite beer, American, on their next visit to Canada. We are going to Spain!

I perceived Spain to be the European equivalent of Mexico for North America. More on this in a later post, it’s okay to speak as one with absolute ignorance, for a short time.

So our trip was born. Due to flight costs, we decided to start in Paris France then move onto Spain.

Off we go!


Jake has also been a travel’n, check out his blog.

Is that light at the end or just another train?

Always interesting to discover if its a light at the end of the tunnel or another train coming.

We are in the position of asking the question again.

While not well known to many but a few close friends and family. We have had one hell of a time with our first adventure into RV ownership. I’ll spare the details for face to face conversations, in short, we bought one trailer, have a second now and are hoping the two months of repairs on the second will net us the trailer we hoped to have bought more than two years ago.

Its been a long journey.

“Rv’s are hand built and bounce down the road, expect there will be problems”, – Rob Church 2014

Frozen pipes, flooding and ‘now’ famous chili.

This past weekend, marked by the US Thanksgiving, Black Friday consumer craziness was the first time we experienced prolonged freezing temps.

The border coming to the US was not busy; actually, it may have been less than normal. Greycup being hosted in Vancouver have an impact? Maybe our Canadian retailers have been successful at beating their American counterparts even with a 10% difference in the dollar. Dare we say that NAFTA is now working? Hmm probably not.

We stayed again at fidalgo bay, as we normally do through the winter. This time however the temps dropped below freezing for a few days. Not a problem, our heaters worked well and we were very comfy. No big walk though, too cold. Had to make a desperation buy on Saturday morning for a water hose heater. Less than an hour in the cold and 30 or so zap straps, voila, we have running water again. I may actually think about having two hoses, one winter and one for the summer. The hoses are cheap enough.

The winds were so strong and during high tide the Fidalgo RV park flooded in the lower area. The staff at the park did an awesome job getting peoples rigs moved and other activities to reduce the damage. We heard later that there was no damage to the club house. Nice to hear nothing serious.

Best of all, we had an awesome time with my mom and Georg, and I think they had a great time as well. Can’t beat cold weather, fireplaces and family, especially when Jazz makes her ‘now’ famous chili.

It is the little things that make your day.

Whiffle Golf? Really? You really need to try this out, so much fun and a complete riot.

The folks at Whistler RV Park even thought about the little things when they put together the course.


 They really did think of everything. Most trees have built in beverage holders. Have not even seen these at the big 19-hole courses.

[pe2-image src=”” href=”″ caption=”” type=”image” alt=”20140818_125715_Richtone(HDR).jpg” ]

[pe2-image src=”” href=”″ caption=”” type=”image” alt=”20140818_125443_Richtone(HDR).jpg” ]

 Holes are themed and really creative, each a really cool surprise.

[pe2-image src=”” href=”″ caption=”” type=”image” alt=”20140818_130505.jpg” ]

 Thinking this is just a simple walk with a few golf swings? Good luck, this course will make you bend’em around trees and shoot uphill. This is not childs play ya’know.

[pe2-image src=”” href=”″ caption=”” type=”image” alt=”20140818_125932_Richtone(HDR).jpg” ]

 Elevated holes, tree hazards, meh, this is the real deal! Some of the tee-box are elevated and wobbly, now that is how you add challenge, don’t forget to factor the built in tree holders, they come into play when using the elevated tee.

[pe2-image src=”” href=”″ caption=”” type=”image” alt=”20140818_124749.jpg” ]

 Stonehenge or Dragon-Teeth? Don’t know, but I’m calling this a hole-in one!

If you get a chance, come play some wiffle golf, according to the staff at Whistler RV “It’s a great way to waste thirty minutes”, we agree.



Many paths but only one journey.

So the best laid plans sometimes need a little adjustment. We had intended to stay at Juniper Beach Provincial Park and then off to Marble Canyon Provincial Park. Both sites are highly sought after for hiking, photos and unique location.

Passed by Marble Canyon on our way to Juniper Beach and determined the sites were too small for our trailer, not to mention that we have pretty much determined without much discussion that ‘unique’ does not mean barren, to us.

Arrived at Juniper Beach to find all sites were taken, we also determined this place was not our flavour of ‘unique’. So we headed to Kamloops, thankfully a quick web search and phone call netted a local RV Park that had space. Did you know Kamloops is the tournament capital of something? Did you know that Kamloops has (give or take) twelve million trains passing through the town centre every, uhm, eleven seconds (give or take)?

Spent the afternoon, getting a haircut and groceries.


[pe2-image src=”” href=”″ caption=”” type=”image” alt=”20140808_115642.jpg” ]

We now have plans to spend a few days in Birkenhead Provincial Park where I hear there are better hair cuts, less trains and it’s not very unique.

Investigating this little blue ball.